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The Granite Art Garden: A Center for Art, History, and Sustainability

Our Mission

To promote history, art and sustainability at our historic quarry through experiential learning and engagement with the land.


History: We are working to preserve the historic art of quarrying through demonstrations and museum exhibits focusing on the unique geology of Sullivan, Maine, which gave rise to the booming industry of granite quarrying in the 19th century. Come learn about stone working techniques, the quarrymen’s lifestyles, and how their work is still contributing to our community and beyond. 


Art: We offer artist-in-residence programs, which provide a way for folks to interact with and support this truly unique place.


Sustainability: Organic gardening for hands-on opportunities for volunteers and apprenticeship positions, with an emphasis on sustainable living skills. We preserve our families’ legacy in the Back-to-the-Land movement and living the good life.


Outdoor Recreation: Building, maintaining, and mapping trails for biking, walking and skiing.


Community and Events: Music, art openings, volunteering opportunities, and tours.


Stone Sculpting Classes: We teach basic and advanced techniques for adults and kids.


Demonstrations: Observe craftsmen at work using historic and modern tools and techniques.


Internships:  We offer internships in forestry, recreation, gardening, historic blacksmithing, woodworking, and stoneworking.


Creative Collaborations:  We offer a Maker’s Space and appreciate the opportunity to work with others.


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Tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated--in person or send a check in the mail!




Contact us at, 207-664-9951 or visit us at 228 Whales Back Road, Sullivan, ME 04664.

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